JetBrains announced a new partnership for May with the Python Software Foundation (PSF). Through this partnership, JetBrains intends to further contribute to the development of the Python programming language. The company announced that after the campaign to invite all Python developers to participate at a lower cost to participate in the EDI Python, which lasted three weeks, all funds raised will go to the Python Software Foundation as a donation.

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is the main organization behind the Python programming language. As a non-profit organization, the PSF relies on sponsorships and donations to generate revenues that support sprints, meetings, community events, Python documentation, financial sponsorships, software development and community projects.

if you are a Python developer, JetBrains invites you to participate in a fundraiser for the Python Foundation. For this, during a three-week campaign that will end on May 22nd, buy PyCharm Professional Edition with a 30% discount code and all the money you pay will go to the PSF’s general fund for 2019.

Code de promotion : ISUPPORTPYTHON

Source : JetBrains

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