JetBrains partners with Codeforces to promote Kotlin within the programming competition community, as well as to provide members of the Kotlin community with a platform to compare and improve their algorithmic programming skills. They are launching a series of programming competitions called Kotlin Heroes.

The first Kotlin Heroes competition will take place on Codeforces on May 28, 2019 at 14:35 UTC. The contest will last two and a half hours and will feature a set of issues designed for both beginner and seasoned programmers. The first three winners will receive prizes of $ 512, $ 256 and $ 128, respectively. The top 50 competitors will win a Kotlin Heroes t-shirt and an exclusive Kotlin badge. Finally, each competitor who has solved at least one problem will participate in the draw for one of the 50 Kotlin Heroes t-shirts.

Kotlin Heroes Coding

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