Web developer Alex Kelley explained this week that JavaScript is very limited in functional programming (FP) and therefore one should consider migrating to another language such as PureScript. According to Alex, although JavaScript takes a lot of abstraction from functional programming to a large extent, it is not at all suitable for this structure of work. If you still decide to do a functional programming using JavaScript you will quickly realize that it is easy to get lost and lost.

But why talk about functional programming? According to him and many others, functional programming has become a new trend among programmers. This is already a model of induction programming which calculates as a mathematical function. Since changing the situation and changing data can not be represented by functional evaluations, functional programming raises functionality as it drastically overcomes side effects by blocking any allocation.

Functional language is a programming language that encourages its construction and functional programming characteristics. While the origin of functional programming can be found in the lambda-calculus, the oldest functional language is believed to be the Lisp created by McCarthy in 1958. Lisp generated variables such as Scheme (1975) and Common Lisp (1984) Not specified.

Does this make PureScript an alternative to JavaScript at all points only functionally ?

“PureScript is very close to my heart and has become my favorite functional language in the last six months,” one user said, answering the question “PureScript is really a basic building with Haskell with some recent improvements (processing strings and recordings and assembling them in JavaScript for reading). You can easily manage dependencies to fully integrate the minimal set of packages needed to run your project and I believe its safety is unmatched.”

PureScript provides you with client-side and server applications. According to Alex Kelley, you will also be able to represent all FP language designs you may have heard or read before including bandage, pattern matching, improved tail calls, signal types, higher and higher order. It should be noted that in computer science and more specifically in functional programming, distortion is the conversion of a function with several arguments to a function with an argument that returns a function to the rest of the arguments.

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