JetBrains has released two IDEs for an immersive educational experience: the PyCharm Educational Edition and the IntelliJ IDEA Community Educational and the best major versions are integrated with the latest version of the EduTools plugin.

Educational versions of both the PyCharm Educational Edition and the IntelliJ IDEA Community Educational have added a number of interesting improvements:

  • An update of the output in the task description based on the results (outputs) where learners can not only see the error message for the record, but also compare the results with the output example after clicking the Scan button.
  • Improved code snippet highlighting in the task description panel.
  • A new notification indicates that you are contacting Stepik for distance learning.

JetBrains has also upgraded the CheckiO support in PyCharm Edu 2019.1, an educational platform for mastering Python and JavaScript through coding games.

IntelliJ IDEA Edu 2019.1 also supports Java and Kotlin language levels and enhances its integration with Hyperskill projects as part of the JetBrains Academy experience.

Using the EduTools plug-in, you can learn and teach programming languages ​​such as Kotlin, Java, and Python in the form of custom encryption tasks and validation tests directly in the IDEs based on the IntelliJ JetBrains platform.

JavaScript and Rust support has been provided since version 2.4. Teachers can now create their courses in the form of coding challenges and custom verification tests.

Source : JetBrains

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