About the Kotlin programming language for Android

Kotlin is the open-source Object Oriented programming language Google supports for Android applications (it is also compatible with Java and JavaScript engines for web browsers). It aims to improve developer productivity, while maintaining full compatibility with Java and its JDK development package.

The creator of Kotlin is none other than JetBrains, the IDE IntelliJ IDEA editor that is the basis for Android Studio IDE. The language was created in 2011, and it wasn’t until May 2017 that Google officially announced its support at the Google I / O conference. Kotlin became very well known and demanding in the programming arena.

It is considered a functional object-oriented programming language and we can also call it a multi-paradigm language like Scala or Python for example.

It has the advantage of being interoperable with Java code because it is compiled into the JVM’s byte code, but is well thought out grammatically as any Java class can be handled directly in Kotlin. It is actually possible to have Java and Kotlin code in the same project, but also to convert a Java project to Kotlin.

The infographic available here displays Kotlin’s strengths and ambitions here.

All this for free on the Udacity website was presented by the chief software engineer at Capital “Aaron Sarazan” and “Jose Nieto Rubio”, if you are one of the people who want to learn Kotlin for programming Android applications here is one of the best that helps you that, it will also teach you How to convert a Java application into Kotlin.

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