10 best websites to learn programming


If you’re new to coding, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a ton of great resources on the web to help new programmers learn programming from scratch. In fact, some of the best programmers in the industry are self-taught without a formal computer science degree.



Learn initial coding terms on your own and prepare for your first coding interview using these 10 coding sites designed to show you how to learn computer programming on your own.


1. Codecademy

10 best websites to learn programming


Undoubtedly the web’s best-known resource for learning to code as a beginner, Codecademy has a wide range of offerings and a well-thought-out teaching style. A big advantage of this program is its interactivity – with opportunities to get your hands dirty from the first lesson. And with a separate panel that both educates and shows your mistakes, it’s the best thing to have a private coding tutor right next to you.



The so-called “codecademy coding” will definitely help you to become an extraordinary developer.



2.Code Avengers


If you need a little more fun in your learning experience, Code Avengers may be your best choice. With each programming course designed as edutainment, you will have fun and learn at the same time. The program is complete with small games to play after each lesson as you progress through the program. The downsides here are the language limitations – Code Avengers currently only offers HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.



3) Khan Academy


This less structured program does not teach any particular programming language. On the contrary, Khan Academy teaches programming models. It’s a good start to understanding how computer programming works in general before diving into specific languages.



If you want to learn how to program for a specific project or goal, Treehouse is the perfect resource for you. Classes are organized for novice programmers to achieve specific goals, such as creating a WordPress theme, responsive website, or app. Treehouse is also a great additional training for more experienced developers looking for a step-by-step guide for a specific project or task.



For those who learn best in a lecture style, Udacity’s interactive video and quiz approach may be the perfect fit. Taught by a variety of top-notch instructors – even a few Google employees – the courses are ideal for those who prefer to watch rather than read their learning experience. However, reviewers cite a lack of streamlined flow between courses as a downside to this site. You will learn many individually interesting courses, but there is no tailor-made program here.



10website for learning programming

Coursera is one of my top picks.

It is founded by two Stanford professors – Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

Coursera includes a huge amount of computer science courses.

What really sets Coursera apart is that these courses and materials are provided by such valuable universities as Stanford, University of London, University of Michigan, Colorado, Imperial College London and many more. ‘other.

It contains both free and paid material… but what is more important is that it provides you with a certificate at the end of the course. However, you have to pay if, say, you want to put it on your LinkedIn profile in order to stand out.

Overall Coursera is exceptional and you should definitely check it out.



10website for learning programming

You may have heard of Udemy before.

It’s actually the biggest platform out there on the web for learning all kinds of skills through online classes, especially when it comes to programming.

With Udemy, you can literally learn any programming language – Java, Spring, Data Structure and Algorithms, Selenium, REST, etc.

It offers free and paid courses.

However, if you feel like you lack essential knowledge about the job you are doing right now, you can buy an inexpensive Udemy course for $ 9.99 and learn the skills to find the right solution. And be sure to get a raise in the near future as well.

Some of the great programming courses that Udemy offers include the Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners; Easy to advanced data structures; Introduction to Python programming; Advanced, object-oriented JavaScript and ES6.

It is an incredible platform.


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W3Schools is another great website for learning software programming.

What really sets W3Schools apart is the way it delivers its courses.

The platform has a user-friendly and intuitive interface so that you can easily absorb the information you need and improve your coding skills.

With W3Schools, you can learn languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, SQL, Asp and JSP.

What’s more, W3Schools is designed with comprehensive web tutorials and references to make your coding experience as smooth as the course of true love.

Honestly, W3Schools is definitely a great place to learn programming for beginners as most coding lessons are free … you also have an online support forum … as well as access to all kinds of tutorials whether you are a beginner or a seasoned freelance. pirate.



CodeHS is also a good option for learning programming, but it is geared more towards the classroom learning style than an individual learning experience.

What’s unique about CodeHS is that it has all the sources and materials you need to fully immerse yourself in IT and become a seasoned IT professional that businesses will fight for.

Additionally, CodeHS is designed with a web-based curriculum, admin information, teacher tools, and professional development to make your learning experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Teachers who participate in classroom learning methods have all the necessary tools (a syllabus, exercises and lesson plans) to enable you to move quickly on your path to becoming a 10x engineer.



10website for learning programming

The way Sitepoint is created is actually very innovative.

It is designed for web developers by web developers and honestly has an amazing community. Thousands of developers write articles about their latest inventions and solutions which they have found to be very effective.

Just type a word, related to the language you want to learn, into the search box and you will be displayed with tons of comprehensive articles on this programming language.

You can literally spend the whole day browsing the great content provided by Sitepoint and honing your skills. The place is ideal for beginners and advanced developers.



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