The Internet service provider Cloudflare announced yesterday the launch of the final version of the VPN service (Warp) on its DNS application – – for all users.

The company announced the service (Warp) last April in order to maintain the privacy of users after increasing the speed of their Internet connection by

CloudFlare announced the launch of the application on April 1, 2018 as a DNS service for ordinary consumers, and said at the time it would: Speed ​​up the Internet connection and make it more private.

The company claims that, which arrived last November in mobile devices as an application, is “the fastest consumer-oriented DNS service in the Internet, which makes privacy a top priority.” While both OpenDNS and Google DNS exist, CloudFlyer focuses primarily on the privacy aspect of its DNS service with the promise to clear all DNS query records within 24 hours.

DNS services are typically provided by ISPs to convert domain names such as into a real IP address understood by routers and switches. They are an essential part of the Internet, but the DNS servers provided by ISPs are slow and often unreliable.

ISPs or any Wi-Fi network can use DNS servers to identify all sites that users visit, which is a privacy violation. DNS services also play an important role in helping users around the world navigate blocked sites in their countries.

Today, in addition to providing Warp service today to all users on Android and iOS mobile devices, CloudFlare has launched a paid version of Warp Plus and uses Warp Plus technology. Argo, which provides an advanced level of speed and security.

“There are nearly two million people on the waiting list for Wrap,” says Claire Flair. She added that she wanted to launch (Warp) last July, but the launch took longer than expected.

In addition to providing the privacy and security of other VPN services on mobile devices, CloudFlare has designed Warp to work better on mobile devices, for example, using WireGuard VPN, which the company says will reduce consumption. Battery power compared to other VPN apps. The company also says the service will also reduce data consumption by caching and, if possible, compressing content.

Source : CloudFlare

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