Communities from around the world, speaking in 34 languages, have used the Internet and blockchain techniques to make common decisions and formulate important daily choices.

An analysis of confidential metadata from 660 e-surveys conducted within a year from mid-2018 to mid-2019 across the Polys platform showed that surveys on student and community issues are the most popular among users.

Online collective decision making is an essential part of our digital life. People participate in social media, public naming competitions, choose the world’s most influential personalities, and even choose a new flavor for a chocolate product.

However, when it comes to ensuring that the voting process is safe for participants and that it is transparent and confidential, not all voting platforms will be able to make this available.

From this point of view, the Polys platform came to overcome these challenges and provide an online voting solution based on blockchain technology.

Confidential use data show that the vote based on blockchain is required in institutions of higher learning more than others.

Source : Polys

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