Pinterest has launched a lite version of its application to be the latest technology company to do so to meet the needs of users in emerging markets.

The company said: With the application Pinterest Lite, users can take advantage of the rapid download of images, as the application takes up a small amount of storage space on mobile devices.

It is noteworthy that this application is not the first of Pinterest, as the company has already launched the application Pinterest Lite on the store Google Play, but it was removed about a year ago, according to data company App Annie.

The company TechCrunch quoted the company as saying : The application Pinterest Lite is a progressive web application users can download from the Google Play.

In July 2017, Pinterest formed a team to rewrite its mobile application from scratch to function as a ‘progressive web application in order to provide a better experience for people with poor Internet access and little cellular data.

The new Pinterest Lite app is available today for Android OS users in a number of countries, including Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico, with a size of just 1.4 MB. For comparison, Pinterest’s basic Android app is 143.1 MB.

A spokesman for Pinterest said : “The goal is to bring Pinterest to all over the world so that they can discover the inspiration associated with their interests wherever they are”.

With the launch of the lite version of the application, Pinterest is the latest among the technology companies that do this, as there are applications : Facebook Lite, Instagram Lite, Messenger Lite from Facebook, Twitter Lite, Uber Lite, Skype Lite, as well as Google Apps that carry the subsequent Go to distinguish it from the standard version.

It is noteworthy that Google provides a light version of the operating system Android “Android Go”, which is intended for low-spec smartphones, and comes with applications: Google Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go and Google Assistant Go.

Pinterest is expanding its global presence, the newly announced international revenue rose 199% to $ 24 million in the second quarter, and the number of international users per month rose 38% to 215 million, out of a total of 300 million.

Source : Techcrunch

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