Microsoft has announced that Your Phone app, which allows users to connect their personal computers to their smartphones, now supports receiving and making calls directly from computers.

The technology giant had launched the Your Phone application in its final version last July, and its functions were limited to synchronizing text messages, notices, and pictures between Windows computers and Android smartphones.

And now the company has posted a tweet saying, “Thank you, Windows Tester, for your responses over the past two months. Today, we are pleased to announce the public availability of the Call feature in the Your Phone app, which allows you to receive and make phone calls directly to your personal computer. ”

With the new feature, the user can answer calls directly from the computer even if the phone is far away from him, or even enter the application to make calls, similar to the Continuity feature provided by Apple through the macOS operating system.

To take advantage of the new feature, the user must download the Your Phone application to both the phone and the computer. It can be downloaded for phones from the Google Play Store, and it can be downloaded for computers from the Microsoft App Store.

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