Chrome browser from Google is distinguished as the most used web browser in the world, as it accounts for more than 66% of the market share of web browsers across all operating systems, according to the latest statistics of the W3Counter site.

However, the browser has a flaw that worries many users, which is its excessive consumption of device resources, which affects performance in general, but it seems that Google is about to fix this apparent defect.

Some reports indicated during the month of June that Google was trying to use Microsoft‘s (Segment Heap) technology to significantly reduce Chrome browser RAM consumption, but in the end; Google abandoned this approach after it caused the browser to become unstable.

And now, according to a post in the official blog, the developers of Google’s Chrome browser are planning to try something new, as they intend to use the Windows 10 application programming interface (TerminateProcess) to completely terminate browser operations by simply closing the open tabs, or closing the browser itself. TerminateProcess terminates a specific process and all of its threads unconditionally.

This will result in the browser experience being smoother and less likely to cause crashes in Windows 10. This can help eliminate the problems of starting performance in the computer and sudden crashes when opening a lot of tabs in the browser. They use computers with somewhat weak specifications, the expectation that their computers will generally perform better when using the browser.

If you use the Chrome browser constantly with many tabs open and closed, this will leave some scripting left in the computer memory even after closing the browser and this leads to the consumption of computer resources in the background without you knowing it.

It is worth noting that the (TerminateProcess) function in the Chrome browser is still being tested at the present time, and is expected to be launched in the next version of the browser in early 2021, and often the new function will be applied in the background, but the sure thing is that the experience of using the browser will be more It is stable and you will not notice any computer performance problems or frequent browser crashes again.

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