Python is arguably one of the most popular and widely used programming languages ​​in the world, especially in science and data science. But, according to Nathan Murthy, software engineer at Tesla, its design limits its potential as a reliable and powerful system language, believing it is something that many developers do not know.

In an article, he shares everything he hates about Python, which he invites to read with a clearer, more rational and impartial attitude.

According to Nathan Murthy, Python is considered an ubiquitous programming language, but there are several things within it that make it a very problematic programming language when it comes to building reliable and efficient distributed systems.

Murthy believes that Python’s problems are obvious to just about every engineer who writes serious code, critical for mission and production quality in modern enterprise. He suggests considering this before using Python exclusively for your service-oriented architecture.

“My intention is not to cast a shadow over Python and Python developers, but rather to map out all the considerations to weigh before using Python exclusively for your service-oriented architecture,” he said.

Source : Nathan Murthy

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