Knowing the real tasks of a programmer has become one of the things that interests everyone because software and technology are among the most successful and developed fields in the world and can move the individual and international economy to record levels, but what does it really mean to be a programmer?

The path to professional programming usually begins with an obsession or a deep passion for technology and a curiosity to learn how different programs work on different devices, from computers, phones, tablets, and even TV and refrigerator! The term programmer refers to a software developer, software engineer, computer scientist, or software analyst.

Usually, the owners of these professions possess other skills in the field of software engineering, and for this reason there is some confusion sometimes between a software engineer and a programmer, while the task of the programmer is to manufacture the programs on various electronic devices, the engineer is the one who designs the devices themselves and makes them capable of implementing those programs And various applications.

The tasks and the nature of the jobs that a programmer can perform vary, and like any specialty in life, whether medicine, engineering, or even journalistic and media writing, each discipline requires a lot of study and focus to the point that mastering two specialties together is very difficult, and one of the most important programming disciplines and the jobs that it performs Programmer:

  • Writing new software code and testing it:
  • It is the basic task of the programmer, and the code or code is a variety of instructions that are written in a specific programming language, and the number of programming languages ​​ranges from 500 to 2000 languages, but most programmers use only a few dozen of them according to the specialty they choose to work with, because the majority of them It has become extinct and is no longer applicable.

    Computer or smart phone devices and others do not understand only the two values ​​0 and 1, and the task of the programmer is to use the appropriate programming language for the program and convert it into this binary value for the computer to understand.

  • Update existing software:
  • It is the most widespread task in major companies, so any popular and successful program needs constant updates to improve the user experience for its continuation, and this requires the development of functions, improvements and a set of different commands.

    Depending on the type and size of updates, it can take from a few days to several weeks and an integrated team works on writing, debugging and testing the codes.

    There are applications and programs that are automatically updated without the need to download new copies and this requires specific codes, while there are programs such as computer operating systems that the updated version must be downloaded again, and this depends on the complexity of the program, its function and the number of tasks it performs.

  • Rewrite the program code for different operating systems:
  • Often times the programmer has to rewrite the various programs on the computer and mobile devices to suit different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc. An operating system that follows a number of different algorithms and instructions from the other, thus it is necessary to rewrite the program code differently.

  • Games design:
  • It is one of the most technical and creative matters in the field of programming, so it is not only about arranging a set of icons to move the icons in the game, but rather it begins with developing a general perception of the idea and the devices targeted to work on, whether they are computers, mobile devices, Xbox, Playstation or others From gaming devices.

    After this, the objectives of the game, levels, colors, the player’s incentives, the difficulties and challenges that help in getting attached to the game without getting bored of it, how to buy from the game and whether it will be an individual or group game, and also determining the various options before the player from running, jumping or hitting fire, and other various challenges on The programmer has to carefully plan all of them before work and each movement requires a specific code according to the language that the programmer uses or is trained in, and usually needs an integrated team in the case of huge games, whether to develop or launch them in the first place.

  • Application development:
  • And it is no longer limited to mobile phones, as televisions at home need a variety of media and entertainment applications, and operate different platforms.

    Therefore, developing an application needs a person who has studied programming languages ​​and understands which language fits the goal of the application and how to plan it accurately while trying to anticipate the problems that may arise with use and provide an easy interface to the user without stopping or slowing down the application and also whether it will be suitable for all operating systems Or for specific systems that require the launch of more than one version of the application, taking into account that it is compatible with smart watches as well, which the demand for them jumped very strongly in 2019.

  • Databases:
  • It is one of the basic functions of the programmer in the third millennium and even in the twentieth century, all companies, banks and institutions, whether medium or large, whether governmental or private, must use a programmer to design a database suitable for the nature of work on the site to link between employees, files and daily tasks and record them and show them or hide them from the rest of the team Work according to each person’s authority.

    And if the giant cloud databases provided many options for companies to rely on, then there is still a need for a specialized programmer to link the company’s site with those storage spaces and ensure privacy.

  • Web and website development:
  • While many ready-made forms have appeared for websites that anyone who is not a student of programming can use and launch and work to upload content such as texts, images and others on them, the development of websites is still considered one of the basic tasks of the programmer in the third millennium.

    The matter begins with determining the goal of the site and the target group to design a suitable interface and configure the site for different search engines so that it appears in front of the public, with determining the number of pages of the site and developing a suitable database for this activity, whether it is commercial, educational, entertainment or news, as each type will have different databases and codes For ease of viewing the content, which usually requires an integrated team of programmers and each individual performs a specific task under the instructions of the team leader and then the project leader who has the full picture.

  • Protect programs and systems from hacking:
  • It is a job whose occupant is called a security analyst, and interest in it increases day after day as a result of the increase in the number and variety of cyber attacks, and the programmer can write codes or code that prevent security breaches or set clear alerts to discover them early, and he is also able to repair programs that have been exposed to Damage from a virus or spyware.

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