After three decades of continuous research and development since the introduction of version 1.0 of Mathematica, Wolfram Research, the publisher of Mathematica, released the latest version of its official program for algebraic accounts and program creation in the scientific community. This version 12.0 also supports a new version of the Wolfram language. It’s a big jump from Version 11.3 to Version 12.0. Altogether there are 278 completely new functions, in perhaps 103 areas, together with thousands of different updates.

The latest version of Wolfram (and Mathematica) includes over a thousand new features and features targeting multiparadigmatic data science, machine learning, statistics, numerical computing, blockchain manipulation, geometry, networks, and more. graphs, chemistry, signal processing and images …

Professor Stephen Wolfram, project manager, said: “What’s new with version 12.0 is that we allow the public to delve into the behind-the-scenes design process through the live broadcast of more than 300 hours of my internal design meetings. “

Source : Stephen Wolfram

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