A number of news reports have reported that pirates are infiltrating home security cameras, talking to children across devices, and even leaving racist phrases.

According to the report, the purpose of the two-way talking function provided by surveillance cameras is to allow parents to verify their children. But hackers use it to wake people up in the middle of the night, and watch safe children.

The concerns lie with Amazon‘s Home Security Service. Range rejected reports of hackers infiltrating the system and using it to interact with children and families. She said: It has nothing to do with the company’s cyber security.

Even with early investigations into how to use the device, and the investigation by Motherbroard – which revealed forums on the Internet where hackers discussed how to break into (Ring) accounts linked to cameras – a spokesman for (Range) told the Guardian: “We have no evidence of breaking into Authorized or compromised Ring Systems or Network. ”

In a statement he made to The Guardian, a spokesman for (Ring) said: “Customer confidence is important to Ring, and we” take the security of our devices very seriously, “adding that customers should be more careful about their personal information.

Last November, Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts criticized Ring for being “an open door to violations of privacy and civil liberty.” Amazon was accused of motivating police to use “Range” products, for example, by donating 15 cameras to a police station in Lakeland, Florida. (Ring) has partnered with 405 police forces across the country, according to the Vice Vice investigation.

Source : wmc, wsbtv

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