Lenovo is working to upgrade the capabilities and uses of Android tablets and innovations in the smart home, and in this context, the company recently announced the launch of two new smart tablets powered by Google Assistant, and named (Yoga Smart) and (Lenovo Smart Tab M8). Both devices turn multi-use tablets into smart home devices, with intuitive, easy and flexible use.

The company has unveiled a new version of the smart screen (Lenovo Smart Display), after being redesigned recently, to appear now in a sporty and compact size called (Lenovo Smart Display 7), to be suitable for use almost anywhere inside the home.

Yoga Smart and Lenovo Smart Tab M8 are preferred devices for entertainment and multimedia, ensuring users have an immersive and comfortable experience in the smart home, hands-free, thanks to the availability of the layout of the surrounding environment from Google Personal Assistant, making it a convenient choice To help users save time on modern devices currently used in the smart home.

Supported by clear and rich audio capabilities, the Yoga Smart with its 10.1-inch display, enhanced with Full HD (FHD), makes it one of the best tablets to double the capabilities of the smart home platform.

In conjunction with the launch, Lenovo also unveiled the other tablet (Lenovo Smart Tab M8), which is the ultimate entertainment experience from Lenovo, because of its powerful performance and multiple use functions, in addition to that the high-definition screen size of 8 inches, make it a home device Smart.

Thanks to its smart charging platform, it is easy to turn it into a 24-hour smart home platform, perfect for multigenerational families.

Having replaced the Yoga Tab 3 series, the Yoga Smart combines the finest updates that have entered the world of smart home, with the distinctive features that have made it the best entertainment device among users.

It also combines advanced audio and video capabilities, with a special multi-position footrest, to allow the user to tilt, hold or hang the device.This means providing options to use when standing, sitting or even while lying down to use the smart device at all times, while ensuring a complete experience At almost every corner of it.

Designed with metal and aluminum, the device looks like it is hand-crafted with meticulous precision, with soft, matte finishes.

The Yoga Smart is an ideal tablet for viewing your favorite shows and ensures its users a crystal clear viewing experience, from almost any angle or distance, all thanks to the 10.1-inch FHD IPS display.

The latest internal touch-to-display (TDDI) technology enhances the enjoyable experience and interactive touch response, and is designed to help reduce eye strain.

The JBL Hi-Fi Dual Speakers, also powered by Dolby Atmos, deliver a comfortable sound that reverberates around.

Using the Google Smart Assistant personal environment, you can turn your device into a beautiful digital photo frame, control music and smart home devices, and quickly access important updates.

Source : Lenovo

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