President Trump’s campaign website was partially hacked for a short time in a cryptocurrency scam, the New York Times reported.

The fake FBI notice read: This site was seized, before the attacker claimed without evidence that he had gained access to Trump’s private communications containing evidence of wrongdoing.

Two cryptocurrency wallet addresses were then included, and the attacker asked visitors to send money and vote actively on the issue of publishing these documents.

Trump’s campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, confirmed in a statement posted on Twitter: President Trump’s campaign website has been hacked.

He said: There was no sensitive data stored within the site, and we are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the attack, and the original content of the website was recovered within a few minutes.

According to the New York Times, journalist Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler was among the first to discover the hack and posted screenshots of it on Twitter.

The notice posted on the site in broken English claimed that it had evidence of the Trump government’s involvement in the Coronavirus, and that the president was involved with foreign actors manipulating the 2020 elections.

The attacker provided the Monero address for visitors to send the money, which allowed them to vote effectively on the issue of posting incriminating evidence. Monero is a cryptocurrency that is easy to send but very difficult to track.

The notice indicated a “deadline” after which the amount of funds would be compared in the two addresses, but did not provide information on that “deadline”.

One address was for people who wanted to disclose confidential information, and the other was for those who preferred to keep it confidential.

The notice said: The world is tired of the fake news that President (Donald Trump) spreads daily, and it is time to let the world know the truth.

fuke news

The page also displayed a public encryption (PGP) key that corresponds to an email address in a non-existent domain (

There is no evidence that anything other than the website itself has been affected by the hack, and it is unclear who is behind it, and it is worth noting that it occurred only one week before the election in which foreign interference was a concern.

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