Samsung has announced a new version of Galaxy S20 is (Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition), which is a military smartphone ready for the task, as this phone is designed for a customer base slightly different from Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra previously released.

Despite being promoted as a military-ready smartphone for mission, the S20 Tactical Edition is a regular Galaxy S20 phone but with some additional software features and security options in rugged use cases.

From the hardware perspective, the device is characterized by specifications that are compatible with Galaxy S20 5G, as it includes a 6.2-inch OLED screen, a Snapdragon 865 processor, 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, with support for networks Fifth generation (5G) and triple rear camera system.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition caters to the unique needs of employees of the federal government and the Department of Defense by offering additional software features intended to aid in navigating the terrain, vast distances and potential loss of connectivity with command units.

This includes night vision mode that turns off the screen while wearing night vision goggles, and there is an option to unlock the phone when it is in landscape mode, along with the incognito mode, which promises to disable LTE networks and mute all radio transmission frequencies, and this mode appears as a mode Flying but with a change of label.

Samsung has talked about the benefits of the DeX platform for military users, as it says that computer simulation mode means that operators can use the device to complete reports, training or plan a task while they are in the car or at the base, as the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition works with a group of devices Terminal meets the requirements of tactical and secret applications.

Samsung also relies on its own security system called Knox, which features a dual encryption system called DualDAR, and the company said that its security system meets various US government security standards for secure data, but this protection system is not fundamentally different from what is offered to consumers and businesses from Through the Galaxy S20 phones.

The company worked with the Ministry of Defense to design the device, which aims to satisfy the army and information technology teams, and the South Korean giant, Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, will not sell to ordinary consumers, but the device will only be available to specific partners later in the third quarter, without announcing Specific price or release date.

Source : Samsung

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