Given that competitors are facing increasing data privacy concerns, the secure messaging app Telegram for Windows has received an update that includes new privacy features that provide better control over your data.

The update comes at a time when users are moving away from the Facebook-owned WhatsApp platform and switching to more privacy-focused messaging apps.

WhatsApp faced criticism after announcing that data sharing provided personalized ads on Facebook, given that your data has become the digital currency of our time.

This has led to a massive exodus of users from WhatsApp to other privacy-focused messaging apps such as Telegram and Signal.

And in January, Telegram published a blog detailing how users can transfer chat history from WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk to its service instead.

As part of the recent update, Telegram introduces a new feature that now allows you to delete the groups you created and the call history of all parties without leaving any traces. And cell phone users can also delete the secret group for both sides.

Given that Telegram servers do not store deleted chats, call logs or groups, the data is completely hidden by simply clicking the delete button.

In addition to giving its users more control over their data, the platform also added a new feature to improve the service’s voice chat experience after its rollout last year for conference calls.

To ensure that every user’s voice is heard in a voice chat, the update introduces a new feature that allows you to adjust the volume for individual participants in a voice chat.

You can now – while in an active voice chat – click on the top menu and adjust the volume (microphone levels) for individual participants, and administrators can change microphone levels for everyone.

You can also report fake groups or channels impersonating famous people or organizations by opening the channel or group account and clicking the report button.

The platform said: You can report any channel that contains unwanted or violent content, adult or illegal content, or any fake account.

This new update is still being released and should be available for download via the Microsoft Store soon.

You can update the application by checking for updates in the Microsoft Store, or you can also visit the product page within the store directly to obtain the update.

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