Facebook has grabbed the headlines in the past weeks. But not good. This is where sensitive files were leaked from within the company, including studies and reports related to the damage the platform causes to mental health. Besides preferring the company to make profits over anything else.

In addition, there was a lot of news about the negative impact of Instagram on the mental and psychological health of users. In addition to undermining the WhatsApp application for users’ privacy and digital security, not to mention all the company’s services have stopped working for more than seven hours.

In the midst of all these problems, Mark Zuckerberg came out to reveal the change of Facebook’s name to Meta. There are many reasons why the company made this decision, especially in this difficult time.

The new Meta company comes as a parent company that includes all the services and applications that were previously under the Facebook umbrella, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and the Facebook and Messenger applications themselves.

Perhaps the main reason behind changing the name of the company, or rather the inclusion of all companies under a new name, is the meaning of the name itself. This is where the name Meta is derived from Metaverse. It is the new technology in which the company is investing heavily.

The company believes that the future of the Internet in general and social communication in particular will depend on Metaverse. Metaverse is the virtual digital world that will bring together all human beings just like the real world.

Since it is a virtual world, access to it will require products that allow it, and here Facebook – or currently dead – begins directing most of its attention to Oculus products from virtual reality glasses, in addition to the continuous development of virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Although the reason for the name change has become clear in connection with the future of Metaverse technology. However, many sources have indicated that the real reason behind changing the name of Facebook is the bad reputation that the current name has become.

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