Last week, Google reportedly halted work on the development of the Chrome browser for Android, which is why the company has retreated from the development of this version of Android. Now a video leaked on the Internet reveals the shape of the Android system of traditional phones, and works on an old Nokia phone. In the video, applications supported by the system, including Google’s Digital Assistant, Google Maps, and others, are seen.

The site 9to5Google pointed out that he had found earlier this year evidence in an open source code that Google is working on a version of Chrome browser intended for traditional phones, and this version of the browser was built for a special version of the Android system is not intended for touch screens.

In the leaked video, it appears that traditional Android phones support the operation of Google’s digital assistant by pressing one of the buttons, and then direct it phonetically, or write it through the keys of the phone. The language can also be changed. It also shows that the system supports Google Maps, but it did not work.

In the Settings app, Wi-Fi connectivity options, connected devices, accounts and users, language and input, privacy, permissions, location usage, battery, screen, audio, accessibility, storage, location and security, system, and a Google option with services and preferences appear , And finally apps and alerts.

By clicking on the Chrome browser in the phone, many icons appear for famous sites, such as: Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia. In Maps, many options appear: location search, map view, user location, directions, nearby stations, and services.

The system also provides Google’s File Manager application, where you can browse files, clean, and share files. But of all the apps that appeared in the phone, the Google Store did not appear, which means that the system does not support in addition to the apps that come pre-installed, which can be updated via the option of (Auto-update apps) under the settings Auto-update apps.

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