A security researcher has found a vulnerability in the iOS 13 operating system for iPhone smartphones to bypass the lock screen, ahead of the release of the final version scheduled for September 19.

Security vulnerability Jose Rodriguez explained that the vulnerability allows to bypass the lock screen and access to the information of all contacts on the iPhone. The researcher told the site (The Verge) : It informed Apple of the problem on July 17 last.

The security researcher discovered the vulnerability of the lock screen last year in version 12.1 of the system of iOS, as discovered in version 13 of the system, said : It uses a similar technology. He explained that it involves activating a FaceTime call and then accessing the voiceover feature via the Siri digital assistant to activate access to the contact list. From there you can get email addresses, phone numbers, address information, and all the information in your contact list.

the site (The Verge) said : It tested the matter and make sure that there is a vulnerability on the system iOS 13 on the phone (iPhone 10). The vulnerability does not allow access to images on the device.

According to the security researcher, Apple has fixed the vulnerability in the current beta version of iOS 13.1, which the company plans to launch the final version on September 30.

This vulnerability is the latest in a series of similar vulnerabilities that have allowed the lock screen to be bypassed. A vulnerability was discovered in version 6.1 of the system in 2013 that allowed attackers to access phone records, contact information, and even photos. In version 7 of the system there was a similar vulnerability, and in version 8.1 as well, and version 12.1 suffered from the same.

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