XMLmind, developed by the French company éponyme, essentially provides a visual interface (close to WYSIWYG) to edit XML documents in vocabulary such as DocBook or DITA (recently TEI Lite) – unlike the Oxygen XML editor, which also provides an XML development environment with XSLT debugger and XQuery.

Version 9.0 of XMLmind has just been released and offers a series of new features. In particular for document-by-topic issues, key files are automatically recognized as DITA maps, DocBook assembly, and e-books compiled using the XMLmind Ebook compiler.

The Create button in topicref (DITA), module (DocBook), or book division dialogs automatically selects the correct category of documents (DITA, DocBook, or eBook), to reduce the risk of error. The raw file editor (a default installed extension) now includes some parameters used by GNU Emacs to specify the encoding of the document.

XMLmind now requires a Java 8 virtual machine (Oracle and OpenJDK are officially managed). The installers are provided with the latest version of OpenJDK, always in 64 bits. This follows the license change of the Oracle JVM.

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