A security researcher has shown how USB cables, even those that look like Apple’s Lightning cable to charge iPhones, can hijack a computer through a wireless network, highlighting how vulnerable mobile security systems are.

Connecting anonymous USB drives to your computer has been known to be risky, as there is a chance that a malware could give hackers access to your personal data.

Security researcher Mike Grover, also known as MG, has developed a malicious cable that can penetrate a computer by modifying the current iPhone charging cable.

Grover emphasizes that the ability to tweak the cable and make it porous highlights the safety area of ​​mobile devices that have not been investigated.

The cable researcher, O.MG cable, was presented at the annual Defcon Cyber ​​Security Conference in Las Vegas, United States, from August 8-11. Grover sells cable copies for $ 100 through the Hak5 online safety store.

By documenting his work and selling the cable, the researcher hopes that security researchers will consider developing protection against harmful USB cables before potential attacks occur.

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