Amazon sells Cell phone signal boosters not licensed by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), such as MingColl, Phonelex, and Subroad.

Clearly, the company is selling a number of unsafe products, prompting three US senators recently to send an open letter explaining that the company is selling illegal, deadly and misleading products.

It is likely that these unlicensed devices will not go through the process of registering with telecommunications companies and are also capable of causing service downtime.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began regulating signal enhancers and subjected to strict rules five years ago, since devices, if configured incorrectly or poorly manufactured, could cause service interruption.

Today all consumer signal enhancers sold in the United States must meet the Agency’s strict technical and technical standards. It seems that all six sellers are in China with little contact details, and used fake reviews to make their products look common.

A spokesman for Amazon said: The sales partners must comply with all relevant laws and regulations when listing goods for sale, the company has removed some lists after the publication of the investigation.

Some lists remained despite the alerts, but Amazon responded only by noting that its team members were constantly reviewing and adjusting the policies and methods used to ensure that products respected the regulations.

Amazon argues that its main function is as a platform that allows outside vendors to sell their goods through a global delivery network. The company says it should not be held responsible by third-party vendors who do not comply with their statutory SLA obligations.

Amazon may have to take tougher action against unlicensed cell signal enhancers if it wants to avoid scrutiny by regulators and politicians.

Source : Wired

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