According to a survey, during their holidays, Americans prefer to endure the discomfort of persistent bad weather or food poisoning, rather than stay without internet.

Indeed, almost half of respondents (49%) said that having no access to the Internet would be a sufficient parameter to consider their vacation as catastrophic (the study suggests simply thinking that there is no streaming possibility – music, movies, television). Lost luggage (54%), food poisoning (47%), persistent bad weather (47%) and a lost credit card (44%) were also cited as catastrophic vacation factors.

The 2,000-US survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Roku found that the Internet was an indispensable part of the marketing of vacation rental sites for nearly three out of four people, even with air conditioning ( 61%) and laundry (53%).

When respondents had the choice between having Netflix or caffeine on the road, two in five Americans said the film / series marathon took first place in front of their morning cup of coffee.

Access to television is clearly important for people, especially the youngest. According to the study, on average, children will ask if they can watch TV 31 minutes after arriving in a new place. Four in ten parents admitted that their children would not even exceed the 15-minute mark before asking their father or mother to turn on the television.

However, on vacation, adults are just as impatient as children, especially when it comes to this very important Internet access. Connectivity is very important for adults on vacation. It takes an average of 27 minutes before someone asks for the Wi-Fi password, and 42% ask for it in the first 15 minutes of their arrival.

The problem does not end there for those who have chosen to connect and broadcast entertainment during their holidays. Forty-eight percent of respondents admitted to having forgotten to disconnect from a streaming service while staying in a vacation rental.

Fifty-six percent of them enjoy nothing more than a good dinner in the restaurant, while their favorite activities were exploring the city (55%) and creating friendly ties around a television. or a movie with friends or family (46%).

Even while traveling, respondents wanted to keep up with their favorite shows. “America’s Got Talent”, “American Ninja Warrior”, “The Bachelorette”, baseball, “Big Brother”, “Big Little Lies” and “Hollywood Game Night” are all favorites in summer television.

“The holidays are for relaxation, relaxation and fun. We know that for many people, broadcasting their favorite TV shows and movies is the ultimate way to relax when they’re away, “said Abby Reyes, streaming entertainment expert. “Whether you’re traveling solo, with family or friends, in a rental home or apartment, there are many ways to watch summer TV shows not to be missed or watch movies. classic summers with your loved ones “.

Source : survey results

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