Clearview AI had created controversy by capturing 3 billion photos on the web to feed its facial recognition software. The firm is now the victim of a data breach, and its client list is exposed. While she claimed to work only with the authorities, Clearview AI confirms its entire client list was stolen …

The Clearview AI startup alone embodies all the dangers and risks of facial recognition abuse. At the end of January 2020, the New York Times revealed the dubious practices of this American startup.

In order to build a huge database to power its facial recognition technology, Clearview AI has recovered more than 3 billion photos on the web and social networks. And this, without the slightest request for consent from the subjects.

At the time of the publication of its investigation, the New York Times was particularly worried about a possible leak from this database. The famous newspaper feared that the photos and related information would fall into the wrong hands.

Ironically, barely a month after this damning report was released, Clearview has just been the victim of a data breach. Suffice to say that the fears of the NYT were entirely well founded …

This leak, originally reported by Daily Beast, concerns the Clearview customer list. The number of user accounts and the number of searches carried out by them are also revealed.

By accessing this list of customers, BuzzFeed made a surprising discovery. While Clearview AI claimed that its facial recognition technology is only for the police, it is not.

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