W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and Hypertext Application Technology (WHTWG) have signed a collaboration between the two organizations to develop a unique version of HTML and DOM standards. The two entities intend to form a working group in the coming days to help the W3C community raise problems, propose solutions to the HTML and DOM specifications, and integrate the WHATTWG review projects into the Recommendation.

W3C and WHATWG will provide a single copy of HTML and DOM, said Jeff Jaffe, Chief Executive Officer of W3C. This will also remove two of the HTML and DOM attributes as being standard but generally detrimental to the community. It notes that the MOU describes a collaborative process to develop HTML and DOM standards published by W3C and WHATWG.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a nonprofit organization founded in October 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee to promote compatibility between World Wide Web technologies such as HTML5, HTML, XHTML, XML, RDF, SPARQL, CSS, XSL, PNG, SVG, SOAP . In other words, the World Wide Web Consortium is an international community in which member organizations and full-time and public staff work together to develop Web standards.

The Hypertext Application Technology (or WHATWG) Web Working Group is an informal collaboration among many web browser developers to develop new technologies to make it easier to write and publish applications across the web. The workgroup mailing list is public and open to all. Mozilla and Opera Software and Apple are the first contributors. This working group is limited to technologies that it considers executable in web browsers based on current applications, especially those of Internet Explorer.

Source : Protocole d’accord

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