Certainly, companies face a lot of costs to run their business, some of which include new technologies for data storage and cloud services. These costs can be surprisingly high. According to the media company, one of the highest fees for cloud services is the cost of transferring data from the cloud provider’s servers to another provider’s servers or to another company center. The report is based on Amazon‘s internal folders seen by The Information, which describe data transfer spending by Amazon Web Services customers, a leading cloud computing provider.

Data spend on data transfer services is for the top 10 AWS customers in 2017 and 2018. According to internal sales figures obtained by The Information, Apple’s data transfer charges are one of the top 10 customers in 2017. This represents approximately 6.5 % Of Amazon’s total spending on Amazon’s cloud services, which amounted to $ 775 million in 2017 according to sales figures. Seven of the ten companies saw an AWS data transfer bill increase by at least 50% year-on-year in 2018 according to internal sales data.

According to Miles Ward, technical director at Sada Systems, a company that works with google cloud customers, these amazing billing from 10 customers may depend on many of the internal changes that have occurred within these clients during the cost growth period. The fees can come from increasing the number of users of the company’s web service, longer than average user sessions, and adding data-intensive features such as video. According to information, concerns raised about the importance of these costs among public cloud clients are not new.

Resellers such as AWS, Microsoft and Google give business customers the ability to transfer their data to their cloud infrastructure at no cost. What will cost them is to transfer data to other destinations or so-called “exit fees” in order to discourage customers from changing the cloud service provider. According to the information, they also incur high fees to transfer large amounts of information to servers from the same provider in a new geographic area to speed up Internet services.

However, these costs did not reduce the desire of many companies to continue using their services which they found to be more flexible and cheaper than using their computers even though these innovative new technologies are often hidden or neglected costs that are becoming more evident with Time of use.

Source : The Information

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