Microsoft on Monday announced general availability of Windows 365, the cloud-based PC service that allows users to access their desktops from anywhere through a web browser. The software giant unveiled the new subscription-based service last month, saying it would allow users to connect to an always-on virtual PC no matter where they are with an internet connection. He also said he would release pricing details on the day the service is generally available to the public. As promised, pricing details for Windows 365 are now public, ranging from $ 20 to $ 158 per user per month, depending on the level of service provided.

In a blog post, Scott Manchester, director of program management at Microsoft, said yesterday, August 02, that he was “delighted” to announce “the general availability of Windows 365 and the resources” which are now accessible. to help users get started with the new cloud service.

“Windows 365 introduces a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 (when it becomes generally available later in the calendar year) for all types of workers, from interns and contractors to software developers and industrial designers,” he added.

According to Microsoft, the PC in the cloud is uniquely designed to meet the growing demands of hybrid work environments that allow employees to split their time between office and home. The new service will allow users to access their devices, including data, apps and settings, from a personal or work device or phone, eliminating the need to travel with their PC.

It is designed to provide a full computing experience through a web browser or native app on any device with an active internet connection. Users can use Windows 365 from a PC, Mac, iPad, or any mobile device with a browser, including the Raspberry Pi microcomputers that are starting to become popular in education. . Microsoft already had a similar product, Azure Virtual Desktop, but the new offering is supposed to be easier to set up and manage.

The official rates, which were missing last month, are finally known. The main point of attention concerns their evolutionary character according to the desired characteristics. The cheapest formula allows the simulation of a machine with a virtual processor of 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. It will cost for these performances 20 dollars per month and per user with “Windows Hybrid Benefit”, for the use of a Windows 10 Professional version. Either the minimum vital.

The “Windows Hybrid Benefit” proposal means that users with existing licenses can request a reduction. Those without an existing license will pay an additional $ 4 per user per month. Conversely, for $ 158 per month, you can have a virtual machine with 8 virtual CPUs, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, which is much more comfortable.

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