A study of artificial intelligence in the second annual work conducted by Oracle with Future Workplace revealed that people trust robots more than human managers, and included 8,370 employees working in managerial positions and heads of human resources departments in 10 countries.

The study found that artificial intelligence changed the relationship between human beings and technology in the workplace, and that it is working today to reshape the role of human resources teams and managers to attract, maintain and develop talent.

Contrary to common concerns about the negative impact of AI on available jobs, employees, managers and heads of HR departments around the world have reported greater penetration of AI at work, with many welcoming the trend with optimism and enthusiasm.

Increased reliance on AI in business performance has a significant impact on the way employees interact with the manager, resulting in shifts in the traditional role of HR teams and managers.

The impact of AI on work is still taking its first steps, and for companies to benefit from the latest advances in AI shops, they must simplify and secure the use of AI at work or risk being left behind.

  • Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent. Today, 50 percent of employees use it in various forms, compared to just 32 percent last year.
  • Employees in the UAE (62 percent), China (77 percent) and India (78 percent) use AI more than twice as much as those in France (32 percent) and Japan (29 percent).
  • Most employees (65 percent) are optimistic, enthusiastic and thankful for the possibility of robots as co-workers, and a quarter have loving and satisfied feelings for using AI at work.
  • Employees in India (60 percent), China (56 percent) are most enthusiastic about using AI, followed by UAE (44 percent), Singapore (41 percent), Brazil (32 percent) and Australia / New Zealand (26 percent). Japan (25 percent), the United States (22 percent), the United Kingdom (20 percent) and France (8 percent).
  • Men look more positively at the role of artificial intelligence in the workplace than women in the United Arab Emirates.
  • 64 percent of respondents trust robots more than the manager and turn to robots instead for advice.
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