Razer, a manufacturer of gaming devices, suffered from a data leak after an insecure database of its online store was exposed. Razer represents a global Singaporean-American gaming console manufacturer known for its mouse equipment, keyboards and other advanced gaming devices, and its products target gamers in general.

On August 19, security researcher Bob Diachenko found an insecure database that revealed information from nearly 100,000 people who had purchased items from the Razer online store.

This exposed information included the customer’s name, email address, phone number, order numbers, order details, billing and shipping addresses, and public search engines can index this information.

For a few weeks, security researcher Bob Dyachenko tried to contact someone at Razer who could protect the exposed database to stop Razer’s data leaking. Dyachenko stated that Razer secured the database server on September 9, and thanked the researcher for his assistance.

The company said: Mr. Dyachenko told us that there was a server configuration error that would potentially put order details, customer and shipping information at risk, and no other sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or passwords, was revealed, and the server configuration error was fixed on September 9th, Before the information is made public.

“We would like to thank you and sincerely apologize for this interruption, and we have taken all necessary steps to fix the problem, in addition to conducting a comprehensive review of information technology security and systems, and we remain committed to ensuring the safety and digital security of all our customers,” he added.

What should affected Razer customers do:

If the attackers access this data, they can use the information in targeted phishing campaigns to gather sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details.

While it is not known that any of the perpetrators gained access to the exposed data before it was secured, it is crucial for those affected to be wary of potential phishing campaigns.

And if you’ve bought anything from the (Razer) online store, be wary of any emails stating it’s from the gaming company.

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