The artificial intelligence professions are booming. Many companies are turning to recruiting this type of talent, and non-IT departments are asking for the most, according to a press release from research firm Gartner.

Data collected by Gartner from July 2015 to March 2019, from 12 main countries by GDP, indeed indicates that the number of AI jobs sought by non-IT services is always more than half that of IT departments. However, demand for AI talent has tripled in four years, from 14,900 in 2015 to 69,000 last year.

In detail, the marketing, sales, finance, customer service and R&D (research and development) departments are looking for the greatest number of AI talents. The latter are notably called upon for profitability analysis, the development of customer churn, risk management or demand planning.

Gartner specifies that the use of AI is mainly requested by “asset-based industries supporting projects such as predictive maintenance, optimization of workflow and production, quality control and optimization of the supply chain. ”

On the other hand, even if fears about the ability of staff to adopt AI and machine learning are a hindrance, companies seem determined to significantly increase the number of artificial intelligence projects. “High demand and tight labor markets have made candidates with AI skills very competitive, but hiring techniques and strategies have not kept pace,” says Peter Krensky.

Source : Gartner

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