Most of us imagine AI to be very complex and only used in labs by researchers. However, this field serves dozens of uses and appears in hundreds of services that we deal with on a daily basis.

And artificial intelligence is used in more advanced and complex fields, and this is beyond doubt. Especially with technologies like machine learning and algorithms.

These technologies appear in our daily lives through the applications and services that depend on it. It is more than what a normal user might expect. Also, some areas rely almost entirely on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence in everyday life

AI models differ in their complexity and capabilities. However, they appear in applications and services that some may think are simple. The first examples of this are navigation and map services.

This is because a service like Google Maps uses this technology to calculate many variables. Such as the speed of movement of the vehicle or the extent of congestion within certain roads and places. In addition, these technologies are used to calculate how long the driver needs to reach his destination.

The same technologies appear in ride-sharing apps such as Uber. The app relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to calculate the total amount that the user will pay when arriving on their flight. It is also used to calculate waiting time.

The director of machine learning at Uber said that the app relies on data collected from millions of previous trips to determine many things, such as the ideal route or the cost of the trip.

Photography, e-mail, etc

AI is also relied upon in 3D imaging technologies. There are many applications available that convert images from their natural two-dimensional position to a three-dimensional body capable of moving interactively.

Perhaps one of the basic technologies that rely on artificial intelligence is facial recognition technology. It is used in features such as Face ID in iPhone phones. or Windows Hello on desktop computers.

On the other hand, all voice assistance technologies depend on these technologies. Including Apple’s Siri Personal Assistant, Google Assistant, all the way to Alexa from Amazon.

And AI technologies are used in email management applications. This is to identify spam messages and move them to the spam folder. In addition to relying on similar technologies in banking applications.

The field of self-driving cars is one of the most important areas that rely on AI and machine learning technologies at the present time. With expectations of significant growth for this field in the coming years.

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