Equations are still one of the most difficult aspects of mathematics and physics for students, which is why applications that help students solve equations are needed.

The applications help in solving mathematical challenges and displaying the solution method, not just the final solution, so that the student can learn and learn the correct steps to solve the equation, and therefore these applications are not considered a method of cheating, but rather they are closer to a resident teacher next to him.

Today we offer you applications to solve mathematical challenges on Android and iPhone phones, and this is because the student always holds his phone, and because using the phone is faster than a computer or calling the teacher.

  1. PhotoMath:

    This application is considered one of the best ways to solve the equation over phones, and it also provides an algebra calculator, so it is considered a comprehensive application for everything a student needs in mathematics and arithmetic.

    The app uses augmented reality techniques to solve equations, so all you have to do is point the camera at any equation for the app to solve directly.

    The app shows you steps to solve the equation step-by-step instead of directly displaying the result, so it can be relied upon to teach how to solve equations.

    The application is available for free on the Android and iPhone stores.

  2. Mathway:

    The application can answer mathematical equations in a few seconds, and of course, it uses the phone’s camera to get the equations.

    The application can answer all mathematical, geometric and trigonometric equations as well, but the application does not show you how to solve the equation except in the paid version, and the free version shows you the final result of this equation.

    The application provides an automatic assistant in addition to its support for the Arabic language.

  3. Geometry Solver Application:

    The advantage of this application is easy to use and a clear interface, and the application covers a variety of shapes in 3D and 2D alike.

    The application is easy to use and shows results quickly, which is why many parents prefer to rely on this application.

    The application supports the Arabic language, thus making it easier for students to use.

  4. WolframAlpha:

    This application aims to make sports information available to everyone, and can be accessed very quickly and easily.

    The application shows you steps to solve equations so that the student can learn them, and it relies on a large base of websites to display various mathematical information and answer your various questions.

    The application is highly rated by the children’s education and e-learning authorities, and it is completely free to use.

  5. Microsoft Math Solver:

    These applications use Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technologies and the capabilities of the Office suite of office applications, and you can use the application in one of three ways.

    Where you can enter the equation manually using the calculator provided in it, or take a picture of it so that he can solve it, or manually write it inside it using the usual keyboard.

    The application uses artificial intelligence techniques to identify the equation and produce the best and fastest solution to it, and the application shows you the steps on which it relied, in addition to displaying interactive graphs that help clarify the meaning.

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