The social networking site Twitter on Monday announced a new feature that allows users to create up to 5 lists and use them as alternative timelines in their application on mobile devices, allowing users to quickly scroll between different groups of accounts directly from the home screen.

Twitter began testing this feature for the first time in June, and began this week to launch to all users of the application on iOS initially. A tweet outlining how the new feature works.

The new feature is intended to allow the user to use lists as a mechanism to filter and track a subset of the total accounts they follow – such as assigning a list to co-workers’ accounts, another list of friends, and so on.

Many Twitter users have been using lists for years as secondary timelines, mainly on Twitter’s TweetDeck service, which allows users to view simultaneous lists alongside each other, but the new Twitter feature puts these lists at the top and center of the app. , Along with the main timeline.

Keep in mind that the lists used to create these five fixed timelines are subject to the same laws as regular Twitter lists, as the user can make them private or public. The user can also follow public lists of other Twitter users. Users can also remove themselves from lists that other users add to them by blocking them.

In addition to the new installed lists, Twitter announced the redesign of the lists pages, bringing the new design with vertical images, and increased focus on the members of the lists, and subscribers.

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