YouTube announced at the VidCon event that it is going to provide more ways for creators to attract fans and earn revenue. Last year the platform used the event to launch new products, such as channel memberships; merchandise racks; first display; and more.

Many of these options are being expanded by adding new features, with new products such as Super Stickers and educational playlists. YouTube says that features are now the main source of revenue for nearly 20,000 channels, up 65 percent year-on-year.

More than 90,000 channels have used Super Chat so far, with some earning more than $ 400 per minute thanks to this feature. YouTube is expected to launch Super Stickers in the next few months. Which is designed to complement the Super Chat money-making tool.

YouTube aims to provide new animated posters across different languages ​​and categories, including games; fashion; sports; music; and food. The platform has seen a new change in the channel’s membership feature. At the levels, creators can offer up to five different price points for membership, each with its own set of privileges.

YouTube expanded its VidCon merchandise shelf last year, which allowed creators to sell goods such as shirts, hats, and phone covers by adding more partners. The company says thousands of channels have more than doubled their revenues since they were launched thanks to the feature rack;

Source : Youtube

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