We didn’t see a lot of smartphones in 2021 especially from the flagship phones that were constantly coming out year after year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 has been canceled and it is not known if the Galaxy Note family has been discontinued completely or will be released in the future.

The Galaxy S21 FE which is one of the most awaited mid-range phones has been delayed along with the Oneplus 9T.

So today we’re looking at a range of reasons that may affect the smartphone industry in 2021 and beyond.

Corona epidemic

The impact of the Corona epidemic on the whole world, not only on the smartphone industry, as all factories reduced the presence of the workforce.

Therefore, you find the work that needed four people to perform it is done by two people, and this causes a slow pace of work and a decrease in production.

Companies are trying hard to overcome the problems of the workforce and the risks of the epidemic by distributing work and applying protection methods within their facilities.

The epidemic has also greatly affected the global purchasing power due to the fluctuation of economic conditions and the disruption of sources of income in all its forms.

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Lack of electronic chips

Many electronic industries suffer with the lack of chips, and it has caused a decrease in the production of many electronic goods, not just phones.

Although phone companies are able to secure their needs of chips, they use them in phones that have been issued and achieve sales.

The reasons that led to the shortage of chips were many, from factories affected by the Corona epidemic to the increase in demand for electronic devices.

The problem of the lack of electronic chips is the biggest problem facing smartphones in 2021, as leaks appeared about phones that were canceled due to the lack of electronic chips.

Various other reasons

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Leakers say some phones have been scrapped because they weren’t needed or because they wouldn’t offer a development worth buying.

The example is set with the Galaxy Note 21, which is supposed to be the largest phone from Samsung with the highest specifications and support for the Samsung Smart Pen.

But the S21 Ultra came in the same giant size and flagship specifications that were supposed to come in the Note 21.

The same is true with the OnePlus 9t phone, which came with a slightly faster processor without any addition, so the company did not want to launch it.

Although there are some other reasons, I believe that the Corona epidemic and the changes it has imposed on the world has been reason enough to cancel many tech projects.

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