The cumulative Windows 10 updates that Microsoft released on June 9 for all users, have caused problems with peripherals, most notably printers, and other errors such as: deleting some documents and files, background image, and changing settings.

The June 2020 cumulative update was supposed to be an important patch for people using the latest two versions of Windows 10, but it appears to have caused some new bugs.

Where some users have reported during the past two days that they are unable to run applications, an error message appears stating that the system is unable to run the application: “[Windows cannot find * .exe]”.

For example: When trying to run Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, they receive the following error message:

error message

It is worth noting that Avast released an update during the past days with a similar error that prevents some applications from running, and it shows the same error message.

the same error message

Based on the reports, The June cumulative update of Windows 10 and the Avast update prevent applications from running. Fortunately; Microsoft is aware of what has happened and is already working on a fix that can be launched soon.

However, if you currently have this problem on your computer and do not use Avast, you can uninstall the latest cumulative updates for Windows with the numbers KB4560960 or KB4557957.

To uninstall the update on your computer, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings page on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Click Update & Security.
  • Click Windows Update in the options menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Click View update history.
  • Click Uninstall updates. You’ll see a list of the updates installed on your device, sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Select update KB4560960 if you are using Windows 10 version 1909, or update KB4557957 if you are using version 2004.
  • After selecting the update package; Click Uninstall.
  • Restart your computer when prompted.

If you are using Avast you will need to update the software to the latest version, as it resolves this bug, according to the company.

Source : Microsoft

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