Google said that five months after its launch, the mobile operating system was installed on 100 million devices. Thus Android 10 was adopted faster than other versions as Google’s efforts to accelerate rolling out updates to the mobile OS.

In a blog post, the web giant has praised the Android 10 certification rate, which is now installed on 400 million smartphones worldwide. With 100 million devices running for this software five months after its release in 2019, this system broke a record. The Android version has never been published so quickly. Mountain View, which displays a comparative graph, says it’s 28% faster than its predecessor, Android 9 Pie.

Google said: “We’ve introduced new features that allow us to provide device updates more consistently, quickly and efficiently.” The company is particularly prominent in the Treble project and the Mainline project, which aims to facilitate the adaptation of its system to different smartphones.

With Android 11, which Google is about to publish, most likely in early September, the company can improve Android speed and reduce popular hashes. Unlike Apple and iOS, when a new version of Android is released, the first eligible device is Google Pixels. Models of other brands can wait a long time. In fact, publishing the update depends not only on Google, but also on smartphone manufacturers and component manufacturers, but also on phone operators.

It is reported that over the past few years, Google has introduced new capabilities that have enabled it to provide updates in a more consistent, fast and efficient way for Android devices.

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