At the Developers Conference in 2017, Facebook unveiled its plan to develop a computer interface called BCI, which allows you to write as you think. Over the past two years, researchers have been conducting research to publish an academic study showing that their algorithms were able to recognize spoken words by analyzing brain activity in real time.

A team of researchers from the University of California conducted a study by delivering high density electrode sensors to the brains of three epileptic patients to record brain activity, and simple questions were asked to answer them in a loud, high voice.

The algorithm records the activity of the brain during the patient’s conversation and then re-decodes it into words, achieving a accuracy level of 76%.

Facebook believes that the possibilities available in the future are great for developing a thought-based input system that can be used in enhanced reality and believes that it is worthwhile to pursue research and development to reach it.

Even if you do not get the possibility of converting the speech you think into written words, it is enough in the first stage to convert commands such as running, selecting, deleting from mere thought into executable commands that can be executed.

Source : Nature

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