At the end of 2018, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing that it was converting its Microsoft Edge browser from a dedicated browser to a browser based on Google’s open source Chromium platform, on which popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox rely From Mozilla.

In April, Microsoft allowed Edge to access its users through two preview versions: the Developer version, weekly updates, and the Canary version, which gets updates daily, so their experience was risky and could result in unstable performance. It was not important for non-developers.

Last week, Microsoft released the first beta version of the Microsoft Edge Beta web browser based on Chromium, which offers a more stable user experience for all supported versions of Windows and macOS.

You can download the trial version of the browser through the site (Microsoft Edge Insider), which was launched by Microsoft earlier to allow users to experience the browser, and keep up to date.

Once you have installed and launched the beta, you will be asked to choose from three new tab layouts: Focused, Inspirational, and Informative.

The Focused layout is just a blank page with a search bar and some commonly used sites. Inspirational layout adds a background image drawn from the Bing search engine, while Informative layout offers something like the old EDGE version, combining all of the previous layouts, and adding a Microsoft Brief.

Highlights Features :

– The biggest advantage of the new Edge is the ability to run most of the extensions in the Chrome store, which opens up a large number of custom features that were not available in the original version of the browser. Of course, Microsoft has its own range of Edge add-ons as well, but its store is not as powerful.
– Sign in with multiple accounts and will be synced across all devices, as in Google Chrome.
– Collections feature, which allows the collection of texts, images, and information from the Internet in a diary, and can transfer information to other services.

On the other hand, you won’t find some features of the original EDGE version, such as Reading List, which would allow you to save articles and the ability to annotate pages browser.

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