Many smartphone users face the problem of poor network signal or loss, which is reflected negatively on communications or cellular data, due to many reasons, and the problem may be in your phone or the carrier itself.

Today we’re going to review some tips and tricks that you can use to boost signal strength:

  1. Switch to Airplane mode:
  2. In case the network is weak or completely lost, you can set the phone to Airplane Mode for 3 seconds, then deactivate it again, as this is the fastest and easiest way to try to fix the signal problems.

    You can swipe down from the top of the screen to display the Quick Settings panel, then click on the (Airplane) icon, then wait for your phone to fully disconnect its Wi-Fi and cellular connections, as this does not happen immediately, so give it at least 30 seconds before tapping The icon again.

  3. Restart the phone:
  4. Rebooting is a common practice with devices to fix minor problems, and you can do the same with your phone to solve a weak network signal.

    Android phones: Press and hold the power button until a menu appears on the screen, choose Restart. If your phone does not provide a restart option, press and hold the power button until the screen turns black and then back on.

    IPhone Phones: There are two ways to restart iPhone, either by holding down the play button until you see the shutdown bar, or holding down the play button and the lower volume down button together for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears, and the method you use depends on the iPhone model Your.

  5. Remove the SIM card:
  6. If your phone falls from you, the SIM card may vibrate in place, so you must turn off the phone and remove the card from its position and reinstall it again, which may help to enhance the signal strength on your phone.

    If your phone supports an eSIM – a digital SIM card that allows you to activate a cellular plan from the carrier without the need to use an actual nano-SIM card – such as: iPhone XS, XS Max, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 phones, you cannot remove them for that best you can Do is restart your phone.

  7. Reset network settings:
  8. The step to reset network settings on iPhones may solve the problem, but you should bear in mind that this step resets the Wi-Fi network, passwords, cellular settings, VPN and APN settings you previously used.

  9. Discover the power of the network in place:
  10. The network strength determination step helps you ensure that you are in an area that is within your network coverage, and you can determine this by following these steps:

    • Go to (Settings) on your phone.
    • Scroll down to the About Phone option, then tap.
    • Tap the Status option, then tap the SIM Card Status option.
    • Click the Signal Strength option. The signal strength is expressed in dBm (decibels) and negative, and the number is assumed to range from -44 dB (excellent) to -140 (weak).
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