Good news here and bad news there.. this is how your daily routine became. As soon as you wake up, you pick up your mobile phone and start visiting social media sites, to see what you have missed in the past hours. The conflict of different information begins to storm a torrent of exhausting news inside your brain and you feel It gets squeezed from too much pumping and pressure, so you’re prone to getting into a cycle of stress and anxiety throughout the day unless you’re well-protected against it.

A scene that has become a daily occurrence for most people, if not all of them, with the entry of the Internet to all cell phones, but in light of the chaos of daily information, have you not yet asked yourself why are we addicted to seeing news, especially the bad ones? How do we protect our brains from that stressful news? And other questions that I will address in this article.. That is why I advise you to continue reading.

Why do we tend to follow bad news more than positive?

I never mentioned that I saw bad news, whether it was on TV or on social media, but I got addicted to following it and investigating its events from one hour to the next, until it controlled my mind almost completely and hindered me from performing my daily tasks, and like me many who have suffered from this addiction and still are until now.

Fortunately, science has studied and analyzed this case to come up with a logical explanation for it. According to psychologist Sal Reichbach, the cerebral cortex responds to negative news more than positive news and becomes in a state of clear excitement. A state of addiction. The psychotherapist “Steven Rosenberg” confirmed what bad news does to the human nervous system, as soon as the brain receives this type of news, it becomes in an alert state, which causes it to have a greater electrical activity than at any other time, so that the brain considers it a source of strength.

But take a moment, what your brain is doing is not a good thing at all, and sooner or later it will tire of overactivity. Here you will begin to suffer with the consequences of this situation, which are represented by several negative results, here are the most dangerous ones:

Stressful news causes health damage

It is like cancerous cells that penetrate little by little into the body to possess it. You start with a state of anxiety and later develop into permanent tension as a result of the increased secretion of hormones responsible for it in the body, such as cortisol, which will remain stuck in your body once you continue to receive these stimuli, until it causes a state of chronic stress that He needs medical help and treatment.

It gives you negative energy

It is self-evident that you will feel negative energy as soon as you hear the news that carries bad events even if it does not concern you personally. With bad news, it will automatically infect those who hear it with negative energy that will adversely affect the body in the form of physical problems.

How do we deal with the stressful news chaos around us?

After reading the above, I don’t think you still want to be a victim of the chaos of the daily news, so how will you protect yourself from negative consequences and deal with this habit in a positive and balanced way even if you do not quit? Well, I will help you to identify a group of useful tips for you in this topic, namely:

  • Maintain your proper nutrition
  • You may be surprised by this advice at first and wonder what the news has to do with nutrition? Yes, there is a connection between them. When your body interacts with the news that it sees and hears, the appetite center in the brain will be affected, so you will feel that you lose the desire to eat anything, this will increase your feeling of pressure, so try to get up from your bed and eat breakfast first of all, and do not forget Drinking water is necessary in the morning.

  • Make enough hours of sleep
  • Just as your body needs food and drink, it also needs calm and sufficient sleep, and this is what you will lose if you ride the wave of stressful news and its addiction, the anxiety that occurs will prevent you from entering deep sleep or even from sleeping completely, which makes your body on constant alert, thinking that it is in danger. That is why you should sleep better to be in a state of balance and deal with the surrounding news with ease.

  • Try to de-stress
  • There are many ways to get rid of the stress that you will suffer from, so be smart and work to dispel these feelings as soon as they are present, by performing activities that release negative energy from your body such as going out for a walk in nature or performing meditation exercises that will give you complete calm and protect you from the harm of all the news.

  • Rely on specific news sources
  • It is not a bad thing for you to be limited to specific sources from which you take your news, provided that you choose them very carefully, such as relying on the official pages that transmit the news in a simple way away from what some sources use the idea of ​​​​promotion and excitement to attract a larger number of followers without regard to the authenticity and accuracy of the news.

  • Hire a trusted person
  • You can turn to someone close to you as a source of news, thus eliminating the need to completely browse websites or reduce them. What a good idea to take information from someone you love and pass it on to you with love and optimism no matter what.

  • Get away from your cell phone
  • It is a good option for you if you put your cell phone in another room away from your bed, to ensure that you wake up without picking it up and see anything through it, and thus you will have a positive start to the day, and when you get used to this matter, you will feel the desire to reduce your phone use even in the rest of the day .

  • Get used to reducing the amount of stressful information and news
  • Know, my dear, that a lot of information is being pumped every day is not healthy for you, according to what the American Anxiety and Depression Association (ADAA) stated that receiving a lot of information requires you to think more about what you heard or what will happen in the future, this matter will reflect negatively on you and make you feel insecure, and therefore from It is possible that you will lose control of yourself and cause you many problems, so be satisfied with two or three things, as it is not enough at all.

  • Away from the stressful news.. take a few days off
  • The stressful news addiction can be considered the same as work, meaning that you need a vacation in which to rest from the heavy burdens on your shoulders. There is no harm in placing a slogan somewhere within the house that says “No news today at all”, to hide social media applications in it, and turn off the TV in a way Final and stay away from all other sources, and go to spend enjoyable times in activities that are useful and relaxing for the nerves.

In summary, you do not need to do anything that harms you in any aspect of life, even if it is a fashion that everyone resorts to, and you get used to doing what is right for you and stay away from common things. Not everything that is rumored among people is true and you must join it. Also, mental health has become a necessity parallel to the need for physical health, so always be aware of what brings you happiness and self-comfort.

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