The HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Gaming Keyboard offers a new and unique gaming experience for professional gamers, with distinctive RGB lights, an ergonomic aluminum frame, more than excellent response rate, and an app to customize the Windows experience.

Contents of the box:

  • HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Gaming Keyboard.
  • USB Type-C cable.
  • A spare set of buttons.
  • User’s Manual.


As I mentioned, the structure of the keyboard is made of aluminum, which makes it very durable, and compared to other panels, it can be considered relatively heavy in weight.

The keyboard is of 60% type, meaning that it does not include a Numpad, nor independent F1 – F12 buttons, but this is exactly what a gaming keyboard should be.

The base of the keyboard also raises it to an excellent level that helps you play comfortably for long periods of time, and it is durable, and you can open or close it easily as needed.

RGB colors make the experience more enjoyable, and it also helps to visualize the buttons in low-light situations.

  • Keyboard length: 3.7 cm
  • Keyboard width: 29.6 cm
  • Keyboard depth: 10.5 cm
  • Keyboard weight: 740 grams


Alloy Origins 60 Gaming Keyboard comes with a 1.8m long USB Type-c cable, and can be easily connected to any supported device via the USB port.

After connecting the keyboard to the computer, its lights will work directly, and you do not need to do anything extra except start playing … unless you want to customize the experience, and you have a special ritual of playing with colors, buttons and shortcuts.

Use experience

The sounds of the buttons are not loud, but they also have become part of the playing experience in one way or another, they are very satisfying, and they give you a kind of psychological comfort, and in the event that the battles in the game intensify, you can press a little violently on the buttons and certainly can bear with you a little of the tension of the battle.

Application and customization

HyperX NGENUITY application is only available on Windows, and although some reviewers may find this point negative, in reality it is more than logical, there are no games worth trying with such a keyboard on operating systems such as macOS or Linux, and all professional games are almost present Exclusively on Windows.

Through the application, you can control the colors of the keyboard, its intensity and speed, and choose from a set of animation effects, in addition to that, each button on the board can be customized and programmed as you wish, such as adding your own shortcuts, adding features from the mouse, or even completely disabling the button.

Use in non-gaming work

This keyboard is for games, and it is a 60% design panel. Accordingly, the experience will not be as perfect as it is in games, especially if you are accustomed to the full desktop keyboard, so I do not advise you to use it for any work other than games.

However, you can still use the panel like any other desktop keyboard in case you need to. You will have to use Search for task buttons such as Print Screen, and you must also press the FN button if you want to use any of these buttons.

Final evaluation

The Origins 60 mechanical keyboard HyperX perfectly performs the task required of it, which is to provide an excellent and satisfying gaming experience for gamers and professionals, and with the durability of manufacturing, customization, and general experience as a whole I can nominate it as one of the best gaming keyboards on the market today.

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