Instagram has announced some new updates to its branded content tools, which are designed to increase transparency, while making it easier for brands and content creators to manage branded content requests and approvals.

Instagram now allows content creators to tag up to two brands in one piece of branded content, expanding the ability to promote linkage.

This provides additional promotional capabilities in IG campaigns, and Instagram also notes that each brand will be able to see the other before agreeing to an integrated message.

Instagram is now also enabling content creators to post branded content before the trademark is approved, although the brand name is not yet in the pending response.

This can give content creators more freedom to publish content, without having to wait longer from brand partners, which can be important in terms of engagement and trends in time.

Trademarks can then take as long as they need to be approved. With her name appearing in the paid partnership tag once approved.

Creators can now also request approval from Brand Partners in Settings. Brands can now also accept or decline the request while viewing media or in settings.

Instagram also gives brands more access to content insights into branded content partnerships. With Reels and IG Live response data available to brand partners starting June 7.

Instagram recently added new insights options for Reels and Live. This same data is now added to the Branded Content process. This gives partner companies more control over actual response data to joint promotions.

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Branded content offers a huge opportunity across creative platforms like Instagram. And you must have a level of platform knowledge and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t in order to maximize your reach and responsiveness.

Influencers and platform experts offer great potential for brands to maximize messaging. Instagram’s branded content tools are the best way to do this in a transparent and collaborative manner.

Instagram is rolling out these new additions to branded content on Live, IGTV, Reels and Stories over the coming weeks.

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