Netflix is ​​testing a new way to help users find the TV shows and movies they want to watch by launching the Groups feature not formatted by experts, which is currently being tested on iOS devices. Although Netflix offers thematic suggestions on things to watch based on Netflix’s viewing history, groups are not just about topics.

According to Netflix, the titles are formatted by experts in the company’s creative teams, organized into these groups based on similar factors, such as gender, story, and personality traits. This coordination by the human element is different from the way the live broadcasting service makes its recommendations.

Netflix is ​​renowned for its advanced ranking system, with hundreds of specialized categories that go beyond wide-ranging groups such as Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Romance and the like.

These subcategories allow people to get more specific and targeted recommendations, and Netflix also tracks popular and popular titles through its service, so the user can check what others are seeing as well.

If you took the test, the Groups option is available at the top right of the app’s home page, and you can follow the group from the Home screen, or you can tap it to explore its titles.

If you click on a group that interests you, it will expand to show thumbnails of suggested titles under a title that explains what the group is, and you can choose to follow the suggestions here too, which should link to the Netflix alert system.

The test comes as Netflix is ​​working on features to improve retention of existing subscribers amid increasing competition, including from upcoming competitors such as Disney + and Apple TV, among others.

The service recently launched a feature that allows users to track new and upcoming releases soon, as a way to get subscribers to expect what will happen.

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