Qt Creator 4.10 is approaching the final version: the first Beta preview came out last week, the second in recent days.

In the news, the IDE for Qt allows to pin files, so that they will remain open even using the option “Close all files”. The language server protocol (LSP) client, especially used for Python, is better integrated in the file localization panel, by showing information from the language server in tooltips. Also, the LSP extension is no longer considered experimental and is enabled by default.

The project view has also been reworked, especially to integrate CMake. The wizards for creating Qt Widgets projects and C ++ libraries allow the choice between CMake and Qbs as the compilation system. It is possible to compile for Android with both CMake and Qbc. For remote Linux systems, you can now deploy all the files that the build system would install.

Qt Creator 4.10 Beta 2 mostly fixes a regression for signing apps for iOS.

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