A month after the publication of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the British weekly Observer, Facebook posts and responses fell by almost 20%. Facebook has collapsed over the past year even though the company says social networking is continuing to grow.

According to the data of the company Mixpanel and taking the month of April 2018 as a reference, the total number of actions performed by users fell by more than 10% in one month, recovered slightly over the summer, and then again dropped in the fall and winter of 2018, with the exception of a brief recovery during the mid-term election period in the United States.

This scandal has had an impact on the personal data of more than 87 million Facebook users. So much data that Cambridge Analytica has used to profile and try to influence the political current in the United States. This scandal swept the cabinet in May 2018 while Facebook was being blamed by its users, the authorities in several countries and the organizations of protection of private life.

A survey report released last September found that a quarter of Facebook users removed the app in 12 months, while 74% changed their relationship with the social network. The survey also revealed that among US users of the social network aged 18 and over who were surveyed, 54% changed their privacy settings in the 12 months preceding the survey date while 42% even stopped visiting Facebook for several weeks.

These reports and repeated Facebook disclosures during the same period are fueled by its program to feed ethnic cleansing and attack certain people, as well as detecting security holes on the company’s platform that allowed hackers to access sensitive information from Facebook users.

Source : Developpez

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