Microsoft released the second candidate version of .NET 5.0 last week and explained that it is a “go live” version, meaning that it is possible to use it in production. This version of the framework fixes bugs in RC1 and also introduces some new features, including pattern matching in C # 9, ClickOnce deployment option and others. According to Microsoft’s roadmap, this is the last RC before the release of the stable version of .NET 5.0 next month.

NET 5.0 includes several enhancements including single file applications, smaller container images, better performing JsonSerializer APIs, and more, a full set of nullable reference annotations, and support for Windows ARM64. Performance has been significantly improved, in .NET libraries, in GC and JIT. According to Microsoft, ARM64 was one of the key things that drove the investment in performance. This has dramatically improved throughput and reduced binaries. Here are some improvements in .NET 5.0 RC 2.

C# 9 Pattern Matching

Pattern matching is a language feature was first added in C# 7.0. It’s best to let Mads reintroduce the concept. This is what he had to say when he originally introduced the feature.


ClickOnce has been a popular .NET deployment option for many years. It’s now supported for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0 Windows apps. We knew that many people would want to use ClickOnce for application deployment when we added Windows Forms and WPF support to .NET Core 3.0. In the past year, the .NET and Visual Studio teams worked together to enable ClickOnce publishing, both at the command line and in Visual Studio.

Windows Arm64

MSI installers are now available for Windows Arm64. The .NET 5.0 SDK does not currently contain the Windows desktop components: Windows Forms and WPF.

“We hope to add the Windows Desktop Pack for Windows Arm64 in a maintenance update. We have no date to share at this time. But for now, the ASP.NET Core SDK, console and applications are supported by Windows Arm64, “said Richard Lander of the .NET team.

Source : .NET 5.0 RC 2

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